Enjoy my latest writing tips, essays, short stories, and book updates. Most of my writing tips are inspired by the close reading of works I am fond of. This may be useful for a wide range of fiction writers. All this and more will be found on my blog (updates every 1st & 3rd Wednesday). 


You will notice my editing services are available. This will be for fantasy and science fiction stories as this is my strength and my skills are most useful in those genres. 


I graduated summa cum laude with a BA in English and a concentration in creative writing. I currently work as a Subject Matter Expert and a Digital Customer Experience Specialist. 

During my free time, I enjoy playing the piano, learning Japanese, as well as reading/writing just about anything. My writing has earned the Steven G. Kellman Endowment (UTSA '19) for creative non-fiction and six honorable mentions from Galaxy Press. I hope this year one of my short stories will achieve a finalist position in their Writers of the Future Contest. My biggest goal is to complete my four-year-long work in progress and to get it traditionally published.