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Writing Update

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

This article was created on the last week of April, but will not be published until June since I already have two articles scheduled for May

I was recently informed that my entry for the 1st quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest earned an Honorable Mention. Though grateful, I am also disappointed as this story represented the best version of my writing to date. This is my sixth honorable mention from this competition, meaning I have five other stories that did not quite hit the mark.

Honorable Mentions from this competition are somewhat viewed as the judge's way of telling the writer he/she is writing at a professional level. This normally cheered me up because my last few Honorable Mentions were written while I was a full-time student, working weekends as a waitress, and also interning as an assistant editor. However, this story was created when I had more free time to concentrate and implement more tact. In fact, it is what inspired me to start recording my writing progress. The video below is actually the day I started drafting my soon-to-be Honorable Mention:

I am trying not to feel discouraged and have explored my other hobbies to feel a sense of accomplishment. I intend to record more writing session videos in the hopes that when I start getting published I can show them as a testament to the effort and patience writing great stories take.

The date of this article's publication should be in June, so that means my entry for the second quarter will have its results in a matter of weeks. It is in this video that I began outlining my 2nd quarter entry:

Ultimately, I am not satisfied with where I am as a writer. Whatever result comes in June or July, I intend to have my novel revision closer to completion.

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